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Before and Afters

Kosmea’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil has helped the appearance of many customers skin throughout the years. Assisting with multiple skin conditions including scars, acne, wrinkles, sun damaged skin, dry & sensitive skin.
Below are some fantastic results from our happy customers.

Before and after on a scar

Before and after just 4 weeks using Certified Organic Rosehip Oil on acne

see more photos here

before and after rosehip oil on scar

Before and after on a scar

rosehip oil can help with skin reactions

Before and after on a skin reaction

Before and after on Dermatitis

Before and after on very sensitive skin

Before and after on a cut after stitches have been removed, no scar is visible

before and after on scratch

Before and after on a scar

Before and after on fine lines and wrinkles

We even have a before and after of a customer using our Rosehip Oil on her horse!

what can rosehip oil do for skin

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